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Signifying nothing.

Moose de Carabas
21 July 1991
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This is Hodsmål

+Angel Sanctuary
+Azumanga Daioh
+Dara O'Briain
+David Mitchell
+Death Note
+Doctor Who
+Dr. Horrible
+Golden Sun
+Good Omens
+Kill Bill

+Mock the Week
+The Thick of It
+Tim Minchin
+The West Wing

This is Moose de Carabas's graphics and fanfic journal. Zir real-life and boring-things DeadJournal can be found at cardboardmoose, and zir community-joining LiveJournal is at arathkura.

Here be icons, fanfiction, and the occasional fanmix and moodtheme.

Icon Index Post.

The Rules:
+ Please comment if taking anything.
+ Credit hodsmal.
+ Textless icons are not bases.
+ If you want a different version of any icon, ask me and I'll make it for you.
+ If you like my work, please friend hodsmal for updates.

Moose, though of Scandinavian descent, and despite the name of this journal, is painfully British and makes no claim of Scandinavian nationality of any kind. Unfortunately.

Thanks to MysticrainbowStock at deviantART for the stock used in the header.